Twilio how to make a voice call and connect two people - c#

Using Twilio's examples for both sms and voice was simple enough and I have both working. What I am having trouble on is figuring out or finding a C# example of how to connect a person to a person. What I want to do is have a very basic MVC app that will allow the headset to be used on the computer and make a voice phone call and connect me to who I am calling so that I can have a conversation with them. I feel like I am not asking the correct question, any help or documentation would be fantastic.
Does Twilio offer this at all through their API? Is there another voip that does?
This is actually a very frustrating question, I am close to using Vysor to hook into my phone and create an android app to accomplish this.


How to send sms messages from computer using C#?

I want to make an app that allows someone to text from their computer. After researching email to sms gateways, I have found that there is no good way to automatically find the receivers carrier, which makes it impossible to send them a text unless they tell you their carrier.
Is there any way to send a text without an email-sms gateway, perhaps with a bluetooth connection to the phone, or (hopefully) something much less complex than that?
If not, is there any way to automatically detect a persons carrier based on their phone number?
Update: I don't want to pay for anything, or use any website or service. I only want to use carrier-provided gateways, if required.
You can, one of the possible method is by using the GSM Comm library.
The library is here
For implementation details of GSMComm lib, please refer to this question:
Sending SMS Through GSMCOMM library of C#

Implementing phone communication with my C# application

I want to have the app i am creating to communicate with my personal android device. As in, my application will be monitoring something on my server, and when something changes it needs to somehow send an option to act or ignore to my phone, and my personal reply (Yes/No) should be send back to the server.
I don't mind any specific protocols. Anything which does not require an app running actively on my phone would be nice, but i am not that great with android native development so if it can be done it should be relatively simply to achieve.
My own idea would be to actually implement Email somehow. So my phone could get an email on my google account (which in turn creates a notification), to which i would send a reply email with my reply. Which in turn will be read out on my server.
The bad part is that i would have to actually open gmail and type out a short message to send back as a reply. So anything easier then that would be a great thing.
I have seen newer android 6 apps use custom buttons in notifications in order for the app to act on, but i have no clue how hard those are to implement and rig to my reply.
Please note that this application is probably nothing that will go public. So i am not going to bother to worry about load or efficiency in the end of it. Since it will be just me and my server.
Any input would be greatly appreciated. The most convenient/easy-to-use method will be marked as the answer.
I think...u can use xml-rpc " " for communicating with your server and android app.
I used it in my personal project and found iI to be useful.In my case,I used wordpress as framework so any new updates in my server is notified by this protocol.

Send sms from C# or VB.NET to mopile phone

I have tried to send an sms from C# code using Gmail but I can't find Gmail services for sending sms. I need any way to do that by Gmail or another posiibility. How can I send an sms from C# or VB.NET program to a mobile phone?
You can use the Twilio to Windows Azure Notification Hub service for this.
Its fairly hard to give you an accurate answer as it can depend on where you are and where you want to send SMS's to as some providers only support some countries or have issues sending to certain networks, so make sure you know what your requirements are before choosing a provider.
In the past I've used Clickatel, as they supported the countries and networks I needed, and their API was good enough.
The only other advice I would give is whatever service you end up using pay for it, free services are more trouble than they are worth.
Hope this helps,

Communicating to Windows Mobile using over TCP/IP or HTTP?

We are building an application which is suppose to connect to the Support Engineer's Mobile phone and will alert him about any job to be done.
This application will be based on 2 parts. one is Control Centre part where the interface will be built using Silverlight 4.0 and ppl from Control Centre will be using it using normal pc over internet. The 2nd part is based on the Mobile Part where the support Engineer will be sent a communication via some magic that there is a job. And if the support Engineer will accept the job then the job will assigned to his tasks list...
Now the only issue is that how we communicate to the support Engineer on his mobile. We have couple of SMS, Email over SMS etc...
SMS option is costly, so due to the cost management has refused the option, but actually SMS is fine as far as it is sent from the control Centre, but how we get the reply back from the support engineer. Coz we dont want the support engineer send us reply VIA sms coz this will cost him(thats why management refused this option). We have decided a solution that built a custom application for windows mobile which will intercept the coming SMS on the Support Engineer's mobile and will rasie a poupup detailing the job specs and on the same popup there will be couple of buttons like Accept, Reject. what ever the action will be taken it will update the control room via internet/WCF/HTTP. I have no idea how? and thats why I am here.
I am posting all this LOVE STORY so that any body senior can guide me abut the architect if it is ok or not...or any other options we can dig down further.
I appreciate your participation in this regard.
Communication to the device is typically the hard part because the device rarely will have a routable network address. Sending an SMS is a reasonable way - so is sending an email (that's how the Microsoft email transport for WCF works). Another option is to have the device periodically "check in" to a server to see if it has any messages waiting.
Communication back is pretty simple. Build up a public web/WCF service that the devices communicate back to. Personally I'd probably lean toward a REST service to keep your mobile connection point a bit more open in the event you want to connect via something that maybe doesn't support WCF.
#Shax I've not done any mobile development but I think you need a WP7 app that will poll control center server over HTTP etc. if there is any job for the engineer. Another option will be to push any job notification from server to mobile. But I am not sure if this (push notification) is easier and/or cost effective.
Another option will be of setting up a website with details of jobs, then you can alert engineer with an SMS. Upon receiving SMS engineer can log into website and get details of the job.

How to create an IM bot with C#

Is there an easy way to create an IM bot on multiple im networks (aim, gtalk, yim, etc) that can accept and interpet specific commands sent to it to perform a server related task?
Lets say for instance I have a website for managing an rss feed. I want to send a command to an IM bot to add another feed to my collection. the IM bot would associate my screen name with my account from prior setup on the website.
I have done some internal bots for my company using the XMPP (Jabber) protocol, I've used the agsXMPP SDK and the Jabber.NET client libraries, I was looking for APIS to work with YIM, AIM and Windows Live Messenger but I've found only COM exposed APIS, nothing for .NET...
But an idea comes to my mind, with the XMPP Protocol you can configure a local server with IM Gateways, that allow users to access networks using other protocols through your server
I use eJabberd, you can install a variety of transport gateways to connect with other IM protocols (AIM, MSN, ICQ, GTalk...
To GTalk you can connect directly using the libraries I mention...
A sample ICQ gateway:
The short answer to this question is yes this can be done relitivly easily. Sedning and receiving IMs sending, receiving and interpreting requests from the network you wish to communicate on and there are libraries available for each of the major IM protocols to make this easier.
For messenger you can try the DotMsn library, I have used it in the past but at that time it was still quite new and I have not used it since so I can't vouch for it's quality.
Jabber uses the XMMP protocol which is an open-standard so there are bound to be plenty of client libraries available.
If I recall correctly Google Talk uses this protocol or a modified version thereof.
I dont have experience with c# but I have written one for AIM and Gtalk using PHP. is the best place to start if you looking for a easier way to write an IM bot.
Basically you create an account in .
Name your bot and link a script.
When ever a message is sent to the bot, automatically runs this script.
Here is a link for you get you started!
We have professional .NET/COM/VCL library for MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/AIM/GTalk/Jabber. Please take a look at if you like.