Creating RDLC report in ASP.NET Core Web API - c#

I have an ASP.NET Core Web API project and have to create RDLC report & I have installed these extensions for the the reporting as shown below.
I cannot create the RDLC report from new item option popup window.
Please help me to sort this issue.

After testing, I found we can't find .rdlc item in .net core peoject by using VS2022.
As the workaround, we can create the .rdlc file in .net application, then copy it to our .net core project.
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Creating 'ReverseProxy' for Crystal Reports web API in .Net Core 6.0

We have Crystal Reports on a old Web API, we are moving to .Net Core 6 wherever we can, i understand that Crystal Reports is not compatible with .Net Core and no immediate possibility of Crystal Reports being updated to do so.
I understand this, however in my research I found some users were able to create a ReverseProxy in a Seperate project that holds the Crystal Reports on a .Net 4.8 framework and the WebAPI being on .Net core 6. I however have not found any examples of doing so and how to accomplish this, and I personally have never created a proxy so not sure how to go about this and getting this to work for us(maybe). Does anyone have any examples of setting up a reverse proxy for crystal reports? or something that could help point me in the right direction to creating my own?
Please refer to the below blog, it will inspire you.
Crystal Report to PDF Viewing with Angular and Asp.Net WebAPI
If you want use reverse proxy, please setup IIS with URL Rewrite as a reverse proxy for real world apps.

What is Location for ASP.NET Core Razor Scaffolding templates in VS 2019

My intention is to customize default Razor templates for ASP.NET Core 3.1. To do so, I will add custom HTML to the default T4 Razor templates so that I don't have to update each generated view again and again. But I am unable to find the exact location for these templates.
I have tried the following links and googled it as well but I am unable to find the location of the template for VS 2019 for ASP.NET Core 3.1 - instead, I find for ASP.NET MVC4/5 with VS 2015/2017, etc.
It would be a great help if anyone can tell me about the location of T4 Razor templates for ASP.NET Core 3.1 for VS 2019
Some of the links:
Here is a link,and I do as user3012633 said,
I can find templates in C:\Users\{username}\.nuget\packages\microsoft.visualstudio.web.codegenerators.mvc\3.1.4\Templates.

Is It possible if i add crystal report in my .Net DLL and this DLL use in my .net Core Project for reporting purpose

I have .Net DLL it's containing Crystal report functionality it's working fine in my all .net project with some modifications. Now, I want to use the same DLL in my .Net Core Project for reporting purpose
I am not sure but it should work. You can add reference .Net framework DLL into .Net Core project. So try doing some POC on generating reports.
Try to generate static report which will does not have any database connectivity or dynamic datasource.
Try to generate simple report with database connectivity with ODBC. I am sure ODBC should work on .Net Core as well.

ASP .Net MVC/WebApi with Angular 4/5 Visual Studio Template

I'm using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition and looking for an Angular with Web Api 2.0 (or MVC with Web Api) Template but not able to find one. When I try to google I get only links to Asp .Net Core related topics, no mention of identical template for older versions of ASP .Net. By older I mean any other than Core.
When I try to change the version of .Net to .Net Framework I still see only .Net Core templates:
Only available ASP .Net versions are Core.
There exists a template for single page application but it does not create an angular application:
If to look online, there is a template for Angular2 though:
It is not an official microsoft template
I will need to upgrade the Angular version
It has no generated api controllers with authorization
No OWIN support
No file nesting for component files in solution explorer
All links to documentation or git hub are broken and response with 404
It's a nice and in some cases usefull template but still a lot of thing that would be nice to have in a template I will need to do manually, basically from scratch. Does there exist some powerful and rich template for Angular5 and Web Api 2.0 like there is for .NET Core?

DataSet MSDataSetGenerator Not Working in .NET Core 2

I'm converting a .NET Framework 4.6.1 Library to .NET Core 2.1.2. The old data access library contains a DataSet. I've created a new Visual Studio project from the Class Library (.NET Core) template and added a DataSet. The Project does not group the DataSet.xsc and DataSet.xss files under the DataSet.xsd. Also, the Custom Tool MSDataSetGenerator does not generate the DataSet.Designer.cs file.
I found the problem posted on the Developer Community Site, see DataSet designer error in .net standard 2.0 library.
Does anyone know of a work around?